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We offer products and services that extend well beyond traditional title insurance. Our best-in-class service includes unique marketing solutions specifically designed to help you, and your customers.

The Chicago Title suite of marketing services and tools was designed to keep you in the know, while you’re on the go. Accurate settlement-related calculations, detailed property profiles and customizable collateral are just the beginning.

Whether you need to access Corefact Marketing, ChicagoAgent or TitleNow, let our customized marketing services make a difference in your success today!

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Active Farm

Outdated farms are a thing of the past.

The most advanced walking farm app in the industry.

Active Farm
What it does.

Chicago Title is proud to introduce the Active Farm. In today’s busy real estate market, farms are constantly needing to be updated, and with Chicago Title’s Active Farm, you’ll never have to think about it again! 

With Active Farm you can download your farm in some of the most common formats as well as create labels and reports. Load your farm databases to our web site and it will automatically check for new ownership changes and update your selected farms twice a month. From the website, you can drill into the targeted farms to better pinpoint your marketing efforts. Snapshot statistics are provided on your farms so you can establish what exactly is going on in your farm area.

For more information, contact your Chicago Title Sales Executive.

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National Rate Calculator

Estimates at your fingertips

Providing you with the estimates you need to anticipate and the service you expect.

What it does.

Our title and escrow rate calculators are designed to help our customers estimate the potential settlement-related costs for a residential real estate transaction. You can create estimates for residential transactions with a few simple field entries such as: property location (city/state), transaction type (purchase/refinance), and the sale price or loan amount of the transaction.

National Rate Calculator
How to get it.

Access the Rate Calculator or contact your Chicago Title Sales Executive.
*All rate quotes are subject to the terms and conditions set forth on the generated quote.